Frequently Asked Questions


What is James Hardie Custom Color?
James Hardie Custom Color is a new offering that combines the quality and durability of James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology with the design flexibility of custom colors. 

Where can I get custom colors?
Currently, James Hardie Custom Color is only available in Illinois, Michigan,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.   

Can I get an exception out of those states?
No.   We are only capable of servicing those states at the moment.  

How do I select a Custom Color?
The process begins by requesting a sample at, or by calling 877-901-0583. You may either choose to match a paint manufacturer’s color, or send in an object to be matched. 



Do I need to request a sample in order to place a Custom Color order?
Yes. The sample allows James Hardie to log and store the sample color requested to your unique ID.   This is also essential as we require an approval from the customer to ensure that the finished product meets their aesthetics standard.

What kind of product samples can I get my Custom Color on?
All samples are 6 in. x 6.25 in. samples of our CedarMill© Select textured plank finished with the color you selected with ColorPlus Technology.   No other size, texture or product is available for sample requests.  Your unique color code will be included on the label on the back of each sample. 

What types of objects are eligible to get color matched?
All objects submitted for color matching must be 1) opaque, 2) flat, 3) at least one-inch square in size and 4) a solid, non-patterned color. 

If I submit an object for color matching, will I receive the object back?
No. All objects submitted for color matching will become the property of James Hardie Building Products and will not be returned. Do not send items that are valuable or irreplaceable. 

When will I receive my sample?
If matching a paint manufacturer’s color, samples will be shipped within 7 business days of your request. If sending an object to be matched, samples will be shipped within 7 business days of James Hardie’s receipt of the object. 

How do I approve my sample?
Log on to, or sign and return the approval form included with your sample via email ( or fax. You must approve your Custom Color sample in order to place an order.

What if I don’t like the sample?
You may mark the color sample as ‘declined’ on and start the process over by requesting a new one. 



I’ve approved my samples, now what?
Once a sample has been approved, that color is eligible for purchase. Be sure to include the unique color code from the label on the back of your sample with your purchase order. 

Who can place an order?
Only distributors and dealers that currently buy directly from James Hardie may place orders for custom colors.  

How do I place an order?
Custom color orders must be placed via fax (800-968-7040) or email (, using the custom color order form. Be sure to include the unique color code for each custom color SKU. An order cannot be placed unless you have officially approved your Custom Color sample. Custom Ccolor orders cannot be accepted via HardieLink at this time.  

When will my Custom Color order ship?
Within 14 business days of order placement. An order cannot be placed unless you have officially approved your Custom Color sample.

Can I return Custom Color products?
No. Products manufactured with a custom color are custom-made goods and are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. All terms and conditions of James Hardie product warranties apply.

Does James Hardie charge a set-up fee for Custom Colors?
Orders with less than 500 sqft of Custom Color products will be subject to a $250 set-up fee. The set-up fee will be waived for orders with 500+ sqft of Custom Color products.



What products are available with Custom Color?
All James Hardie products currently available with ColorPlus Technology in your sales district are available with the Custom  Color option.

Are there any limitations on the colors James Hardie will match?
James Hardie Custom Colors are available in as wide a range as any exterior architectural paint. There are certain very bright colors we will not match because they cannot achieve the durability and fade-resistance James Hardie requires.

What kind of warranty comes with Custom Color?
Custom Color products are covered by James Hardie's warranties on substrate and ColorPlus Technology finish. 

What about accessories?
ColorPlus Technology Touch-Up kits will be automatically included with each Custom Color order. Recommendations for the closest-matching Quad® or Quad Max sealant and the closest matching aluminum coil from Alsco and Quality Edge will also be included with samples. Sealant may be ordered along with siding and trim products (minimum 3 cases per order).